What we clean


Restoring all the fabrics in your life.

Our expert craftsmen clean and restore your wardrobe, accessories, draperies, rugs, and fine textiles back to their original splendor. We utilize over 30 unique cleaning processes, and each has been scientifically developed to remove smoke and odor without harsh chemicals. Your garments will thank you.

CUSTOM HAND CLEANING service for fine Draperies,Upholstery & Fine Oriental Rugs


Whether it is your wash and fold laundry or your designer formal wear; we have the experience and knowledge to restore your garments to perfection.   We utilize over thirty unique cleaning processes scientifically developed for removing stains and odor from smoke and water without using harsh chemicals…your clothes will thank you.


We know how stressful it can be to see your priceless home furnishings and draperies removed from your home.  Fortunately, our expert in-home cleaning team can often service your draperies, rugs, and upholstered furnishings without having to ever remove them from the home.  This delicate process virtually eliminates the risk associated with taking down, moving and re-hanging custom window treatments.   And best of all, this service can often be completed in a just few hours.  Fabric Renewal will bring the expertise and equipment right to your home so you can witness the level of care given to your textiles.


We have had the pleasure of working with many celebrities in some of Los Angeles’ most beautiful homes and apartment buildings.  Our system is  flexible and designed to accommodate your specific needs.  You will find our service to be extremely accommodating, professional and meticulous.  We can even coordinate our efforts directly with your house manager, designer, decorator, architect or assistant.

One of our managers will work with you or your staff to discuss your family’s needs and agree upon a comprehensive plan of action.  Our highly-trained teams will make every effort to respect your complete privacy while diligently performing our services.  We will follow up with you after every stage to make sure the recovery process is proceeding according to the plan and expectations.  At Fabric Restorations  we are completely dedicated to making the restoration process as simple and predictable as possible.

There is no other company that has our level of experience and ability to manage the cleaning and restoration of your fine garments & household textiles.  We work with all of the major insurance carriers and will keep the entire team on the same page to smoothly return your home to order.

We always maintain the privacy of our clients but will gladly request and furnish references when appropriate.