Case Studies

Custom made Reptile Skin Hermes Birkin Hand Bag (Value $45,000)

A client was in Palm Springs waiting for the valet to bring her car up. The sprinkler system on the property went off and soaked the client’s hand bag(replacement cost $45,000), since this was no ordinary hand bag, the insurance company got involved and we were called to remedy the situation at hand.

Through one of our proprietary processes we were able to get the entire bag clean and remove all the water spots as the pictures below show. Needless to say, the adjuster, the club & the client were all thrilled, a $45,000 claim was resolved for $300.

case study1


Clients great Grandmother’s wedding gown ( Value : priceless, heirloom)

A client had her Great Grandmother 110 year old gown stored along with the wedding gown cap/hat in a closet that had water damage and got soaked, the gown was stored in a brown cardboard chest. The dye from the cardboard chest bled and soaked the wedding gown and its accessories . As shown in the pictures, we were able to restore the gown and cap to its original color.

The cap was taken apart completely , the fabric portion was cleaned and restored to its original color and then this 110 year old heirloom was reassembled and made to look perfect. The tulle on the veil was brittle and damaged beyond repair, we replaced the tulle on the veil but used all of the original fabric and boning to put the veil back to its 110 year old original splendor.

case study2



Drapes damaged in a Minor Fire at an MRI imaging clinic at a Doctors office (Value $30,000)

A minor fire at an MRI clinic caused soot and odor damage on all the drapery & curtains at the clinic. We were able to clean, de-odorize and refinish all the drapes to the clients satisfaction avoiding a $30,000 claim.

case study3